Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just Dropping By....'s been really a while since I posted my last entry. Maybe because I got work already - a kind of work that entails a lot of studying and consumes much of my time. Well, I'm still completely far from being transformed into a "nerdy" fellow. Yeah, much farther than you could ever think. I have no plans turning into one, in the first place. Simply not me. I just love the new learning, the challenge, every simple thing linked to it. Besides, I've been really busy with my personal life - had my birthday, spent time with Mama, enjoyed my first ever road adventure with Big Love in Tagaytay, took pictures with Precious, visited my hometown, met old friends, danced ballroom, ingested some alcohol, inhaled some nicotine......and a lot more. I will share some of these stories next time.

I already finished reading another module of MS SQL now and just thought of a short diversion before I go to sleep. So here I am in my den....keying a simple "dropby" note and updating the background music.

Time to zzzzzzzzzzz.........

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