Monday, August 10, 2009

The Next Time..........

I knew that when I arrived at the place, you were there. My eyes didn't tell 'coz I made sure not to look. It was my heart that instantly felt your presence.

I pretended not to notice you as you were at the corner. And I chose to sit on the other end as well so the job would be easier for myself - building this imaginary wall in between to shield me from an unstoppable force of attraction coming from your direction. But all through out, I could hear your voice. I wanted to glance but I managed not to, even in one funny story you told about me. I just laughed with everybody. When some asked me questions, I could sense you leaning forward from your seat, looking at me, waiting for some interesting answers. Still, I managed not to look back.

I thought my defenses were working, until it was time to call the night off. As I walked down the stairs, somebody tapped my shoulder. It was you. You just mentioned my name so sweetly then twirled your arms into mine. And from there, I found myself caught off guard again. Between our bodies was pure silence. I wasn't sure what that silent moment meant to you. But for me, it was frighteningly great.......great to feel a certain kind of magic, yet so frightening to feel something I was not supposed to feel.....or at least allowed to feel.

Goodbye! That was the only word I managed to utter.......then, you were gone.

I know we'll see each other again. And the next time you're gonna be next to me, clinging on my arms, I'll gonna hold you back and won't ever let go.......

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