Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To Do List for 2011

Just to be a bit different from the traditional "New Year's Resolution", what I made below is a list of ATTAINABLE things I set for myself, which I tag as "To-Do-List for 2011".  As I learned from my boss, there is always this mystery - of goals being achieved, once everything is put into writing.  So, without further ado, here it is:

1)      Learn at least one basic programming language - In the past two years, I found myself engaged with the IT industry.  And yes, I feel fulfilled, like never before.  So I'm pushing myself more to learn new things.  And no, I won't be a geek - just a little techie….hehehe…..
2)      Start to love reading books - Last Christmas was a record-high gift shopping of books for family and friends and I have to admit that I was, most of the time, clueless on what to pick for each of them.  To all the sweet and caring people who guided me on this quest, you had been very helpful.  Just to share - I can only count in my fingers the number of books I've read in my entire life (excluding the textbooks, of course).  And those are mostly my brother's, which I happened to pick somewhere in the house and flip the pages for the purpose of sleep, not of interest.  2011 should be a different story for me and I'm setting myself to complete at least 12 books for the entire year, one book per month, ideally.  Who knows, I myself, will be listing books as my wish for the next Christmas season.
3)      Cut down cholesterol consumption - Well, I consider this an obligation especially for someone who's turning 29 this year.  But I won't be too harsh on myself.  The process will be gradual and always be backed up by tea.
4)      Be involved in physical activities (sports, gym, etc) - Aside from my daily MRT up-down walking and brawling going to office, how about dribbling the ball, lifting the dumbbells or dancing with the pole.  I'll have myself sweat...and sweat.....and sweat....'coz at the end of the day, sweat = health and health = wealth.
5)      Renew my passport - Just to make things clearer, I lost my passport sometime ago and it made me miss the possibility of travelling out of the country for the first time.  Now, I'm binding myself to get a new one this year - just that.  If this would make me experience my first ever out of the country trip as well, then it's my luck year.  Remember what I wrote above - things that are ATTAINABLE.  Trips abroad can wait till 2012.  I'm not in a hurry.
6)      Reach at least 2 of the following places: (Batanes, Bohol, Coron, Caramoan, Camiguin, CDO, Puerto Galera, Sagada) - I'm not much of a traveler and I've never been to any of these famous places.  I'm limiting my goal to just two - again for purposes of fulfilling them.
7)      More bonding moments with Big Luv and Precious - This means more fearless trips with complete documentation of everything.  Baguio?  Hmm….let’s see…
8)      More posts in this den - Just like my book quota, I have to come up with something and update this blog at least once a month.  Looks like I'm done for January... yey!
9)      Monthly visit to Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya - Since I'm making a monthly commitment for the things I wanna do for the year, of course going home to my dearest Mama is always the one I look forward to.
10)   Get the perfect gift for my bro's big day - Of course, Dot is the second best man in my life.  He deserves nothing but the best from his only baby sister.  Good to know I still have 11 months to come up with the perfect one.
11)   Start planning for my DH project - I set my project to officially start on 2012.  This is something big time so it's best for me start talking to people, who will be involved in a lot of aspects.  Yay, I’m so excited…
12)   Hmmm....lovelife? - Oh again, did I mention something ATTAINABLE? Wish me luck then.... :D

So that's it!  Happy 2011!

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