Friday, February 25, 2011

Morning View

I promised myself once that when fate let our paths cross again and you wrap me around your arms, I'm going to hold you back and won't ever let go.

Well, I guess, I'm really not good with promises.  I missed you so bad and I planned that night to be totally different from the last.  No more building of walls.  No more creating of distances.  No more role-playing of blind-deaf-mute.  But as always, when that damn big rat starts lingering my chest, plans, like promises, are like ashes.  They become remnants of a once burning flame, now - useless, senseless, ready to be blown away.

The fire is still inside of me, I know.  It started with a spark on that one fine day, when I found myself sitting across from you, and eventually talking closely to you for hours as if the day will never last.  I wish you felt something special, too, 'coz people around us noticed that certain warmth between us.  And whatever that is, I had no control of.  It had thought itself to flare over the years.

That night's fun was unforgettable.  Food, beer, music - some little things we have in common.  Oh yeah, I couldn't resist glancing at you from time to time.  You couldn't blame me, you were annoyingly magnetic. Had you been checking on me, too? How I wish....

The only chance I got to sit closer to you was in the coffee shop - when you were half-awake and half-asleep trying to regain a little energy from a restless night.  That was a great morning view - me, sitting in a cozy place, sipping a hot coffee and looking at the most refreshing face in front of me.  I couldn't help but smile.  What a wonderful world indeed - enjoying life and its simplest beauty and pleasure.

I'd like to start my day tomorrow having another beautiful morning view again - still in a cozy place, with a hot coffee and you - wide awake and smiling back at me (this time)..... :D

Good morning....

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